Philip Lynch's "At the Start / At Long Last" Released Today

Philip Lynch's debut LP, At the Start / At Long Last, is released today on Workbench Recordings. The only place to get a copy TODAY (although the webstore will be up and running soon) is at Cake Shop NYC at 9 p.m.

Details on the Facebook page.

We'll have LPs available for sale (including download code) as well as handmade download cards for those who don't do the vinyl. Downloads come with the album in 320 kbps mp3 format and a 4-page hi-res PDF with all album artwork.


New James Beaudreau EP "Stillpoint" Available

A new EP is available from Workbench Recordings and James Beaudreau at Soundcloud. "Stillpoint" is 30 minutes long, and made up of 5 tracks. Listen and download for free.

1. Debris. 2. Far Orbit. 3. Scatter. 4. Stillpoint. 5. At the East of the Garden

A minute from the Philip Lynch rehearsal of July 1

A very short clip from the July 1 Philip Lynch rehearsal. Yes, it's just a guitar solo. But I AM a guitarist, and we ARE supposed to have big egos. Anyway, this was a moment where, afterwards, even though it ended in a trainwreck, we thought we had done something cool. So here it is, a little preview of sorts of the July 6 Bronx gig.

Coming Soon...

A Workbench store, where you can get copies of our CDs and CDRs, and eventually, maybe, other stuff too. Fancy.

Workbench Recordings Website Relaunch

The titles says it all! Well, most of it. Workbench was founded in 2006, and trucked along for a while. It has been a netlabel, and also a label releasing physical objects, and then, for the last few years, it has just been sleeping.

What prompted the site's relaunch is the immanent release of two new albums: Philip Lynch's long-awaited debut album At the Start / At Long Last, and James Beaudreau's new album Stillpoint.